Thursday, June 16, 2011

You're pond scum!

I think this close-up of pond scum is pretty!

I think I will make fig cobbler tomorrow. I unearthed some figs from the freezer and I want to use them up before this season's crop is ready. By the looks of things on the fig tree in the yard, they will be soon. They've been frozen for almost a year so baking them will be best. I found a recipe for fig cobbler that amazingly calls for all the ingredients I already have. (*note: in frugal-world, rule #1 is 'use what you have!'). I'll probably do that early while it is still cool out.

This morning was lovely, speaking of cool. I noticed when I walked on the linoleum that the tiles were cool to my foot. I haven't felt anything cool for a long time so that was a nice surprise. The thunderstorms that came in last night freshened up the air, but unfortunately took out power and trees to many of the towns in the county. Not here, though. It was someone else's turn this time.

The library visit today yielded a great many new books for my summer reading program. I usually venture out on Fridays, but I had to do an errand this morning so I went to Danielsville today for my weekly shopping and library visit. (*note: frugal rule #2: "combine errands, and don't make any unnecessary ones!")

I got the pre-quel to Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry, called "Dead Man's Walk" and featuring those two characters Call and McCrae. Another Christian historical romance by Deeanne Gist, The Girl With the Green Tattoo which came in on inter-library loan, I still have Lush Life, and two coffee table art books. Should keep me busy.

I spent time on the Southern Baptist Convention's twitter stream for the live sermon of David Platt yesterday and in so doing 'made friends' with some like-minded brothers and sisters of the faith. That was nice. I went to Colbert Baptist Church this morning to see off the mission team to Peru and hugged and got hugged in return, and that was nice too. There's good people all around, aren't there.

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