Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Plants, birds, life

I am still amazed that the seeds are sprouting this quickly in the three pots I planted on Saturday. In just three days they have poked through and are growing quickly! I can't wait for the flowers to come. Here is my attempt, beginning attempts, to prett-ify the front door, which is now all concrete. It used to have nice bushes next to it but they had to be removed to put in a culvert and it was paved over afterwards--

I plan to get a few small plants, perhaps cacti, for the wrought iron shelves above the daisies. It gets soooo hot on that spot. But maybe some small pots of flowers for color would be good too.

Here is the birdhouse I got in the mail today. It is made of coconut fiber and is a small wren resting house.

The directions said keep out of direct sun, away from the worst of where the rain comes, and offers unrestricted access. The other birdhouses in the yard are being used gangbusters and I sure hope the wrens arrive and find this spot for their home, too.


MTVA said...

The hot weather really does speed up the seed-starting! I planted some marigold seeds on Monday, and this morning saw some are already sprouting up. It's so gratifying, isn't it?

I've had some shrubs, arborvitae in particular, growing in containers. That would give you some greenery year-round there in your dooryard, and probably provide a bit of shade to your other plants during the heat of the day. I would even try a rose bush, to make up for the one that was lost, since your winters are so mild.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks MTVA! It *is* gratifying. I was thrilled like a kid at Christmas. A rose bush in a pot...I had not thought of that. Yes, the problem is that they do need shade, thanks for the suggestions. I want to buy some smaller pots of plants, hopefully flowers but probably cacti, and put them in front of the granite cylinders, but was fearful because of the searing heat we are having and also the cement collects the heat and it pools there. I may go look at arborvitae and roses this Friday when I head to town.