Friday, June 03, 2011

Hot day and errands don't mix

When I first moved to the south I was observing that whenever a friend and I went grocery shopping in summer, she would place a cooler in the back of her car. At the grocery store, she would buy ice, and then put the ice in the cooler and then place her milk and other perishable items in it. I quickly realized that a car sitting in 100 degree heat would be over 120 degrees inside, and that in order to preserve the milk etc for the trip home extra measures were needed. Duly noted.

Errands on a hot day are not my favorite. I knew that several of them would be complicated and time consuming. But there you go, you have to do them. On the upside, I got my package at the Post Office.

Three years ago I bought a chair, and it had served well all this time. I like to sit in it and read. The bookcase next to it is just the right height to place my tea, and the lamp offers just enough light. It is not large and therefore takes no undue amount of space and it fits me well. And when I'm not in it, the cats like it, lol. Few things in this world are perfect, and I was sad when the chair situation became less than perfect. It was old three years ago, and used. Its springs, never spring chickens to begin with, faded fast and now when I sit in it, the chair sinks to an uncomfortable level. I purchased online an egg crate cushion that is used for wheelchair bound folks, and it came today. Perfect! Rather than buy a new chair $100, I spent $7 on a good and easy fix. It means a lot to me because it's summer I want to read many books, I want a comfy chair to do it in. I mean, who doesn't like a comfy chair? ("You never expect the Spanish Inquisition! Nooo, not the comfy chair!!" Sorry, reminiscing...)

Back home, I arrived to see that the landlord had finished mowing the lawn and was weedwhacking. We both remarked on the heat, but I know that I am blessed. I don't have children to tote around in the heat or to keep cool. I don't have to make repeated visits to a hospital and park in a hot lot every day. I don't have to go work outside in the heat for my pay. I saw an old friend at the Dollar Store. She asked "What are you going to do this summer?" And I happily said, "Nothing." I can sit in my chair and read and study and write. I'm very blessed.

Speaking of the Dollar Store, I am convinced that the Laws of Physics do not apply in there. It exists inside a bubble of netherworld Laws of the Universe in which time slows or even stops, and where people are teleported to the cashier line. You didn't know that about the Dollar Store, did you? Yes. When you arrive there you are happy because there are few if any customers in the store with you. But just as you complete your shopping, suddenly a million people appear and they all get in line in front of you. See? Teleportation. Then time stops because your line never moves. See? Suspended animation. It doesn't matter how many people are ahead of you or how many items they have. Time stops. As you lean against your cart (sorry, 'buggy') you realize that it truly is remarkable. The clerks are going as fast as they can. No one is slacking. Time just stops. I budget 30-45 minutes for tasks that in any other Zone of Normal Physics should take 10 minutes. It's just the way it is.

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