Thursday, June 09, 2011

I got a package

Online shopping suits me. So the other day I ordered a large covered cat litter box. I've been noticing that the cats are outgrowing the box I've had for them since they were little. I was hoping to bump things along and stretch it out, but that plan didn't work. The other day I awoke to see the lid of the box upended and inside the lower part where the litter is. Oops. I knew  it was time to by a bigger box.

I searched online and read the reviews to the X-Large Deluxe Hooded Litter Box by PetMate. It seemed like a good buy and would solve the problem, and I ordered it. Being summer and the fact that I never leave the house (Except Fridays to grocery shop and Sundays to church) and given the fact that due to its being summer and I am refreshed and can concentrate deeply on my writing, and given the fact that it is 9000 degrees outside and I have the doors closed with the AC on all day, the box arrived and I never knew it all day. In the evenings when it cools off I turn off the AC an open the doors and windows. At 9:30 my neighbor who shares the house knocked on my door and said "You have a package." I opened the door to see just two feet from the front, a huge package, taller than her four year old daughter and one that certainly is hard to miss. I appreciated her letting me know, and excitedly I opened it up.

The litter box was big, the packaging made it seem bigger than it was, but it was still hefty. That's good, so is my tiger cat, Bert. Not fat, per se, though Bert does tend to portly. But tiger cats are big anyway, and this new litter box seemed like it would be a good size for him. The fly in the ointment is that Bert gets upset about even the minutest changes to anything in the apartment. I hoped he would take to it.

I'm happy with the box though not thrilled. The latches on either side are flimsy and I would not dare to pick up the box from the handle when it's filled with litter. The front plastic flap is also flimsy and I'm not sure I need it. It may be spooking Bert, we'll see. But disappointingly, they seem to scatter more litter with this large, covered box than they did with the small box with no lid I'd used for a few days until the new one arrived. I live in a two room apartment and there really is no other place to put it except in the tub, which I hate. Anyone who has inside cats knows the struggles of the little box.

Well, this blog entry just goes to show how life shrinks and slows in the summer. If the kitty litter scatter is the worst problem I have then life is good. Though my neighbor might be wondering why I never leave from the house...that is a mystery she will just have to live with.

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