Sunday, December 05, 2010

Weekend flotsam

This week was a good week, and only 9 more days to go until Christmas vacation. Weekdays that is. And not counting the last Friday half day. LOL. Not that I'm anxious for a vacation or anything.

This week was a good week with the kids. hey crack me up. They teach me. They are unique and interesting people in their own rights. Their perspective is always interesting.

We have a new addition to our church, It is filled with Children's Sunday School rooms from babies up to grade five. The younger kids' rooms all have a gate in front of the door. It allows adults to step into the room but 3 feet into it there is a gate about adult waist-high, that latches. It is a safety feature that is also every convenient. At church this morning, one of the older children who is in sixth grade, said to his friend, also in sixth grade, "You know what I think it weird? I think it's weird that they cage them in." LOL, leave it to a kid to think of the children's rooms as a zoo.

I must be acclimatizing to Georgia. Four years ago the first winter I spent here never seemed like winter. I looked around in March and said, "when's winter coming?" I gave away all my coats. The second and third winters were pretty much the same. I wore two shirts or a shirt and a sweater outside and never felt a thing. This year, though, is different. I feel the cold even when it's 40 degrees. Brrr! A sturdy Mainer would never even blink at 40 degrees. One guy I know in Maine wears shorts in 40 degree weather. Now all I want is a blanket and a huddle up on the couch.

I will be fifty years old next week. I am excited. People wonder why I'm excited. One guy I know said "You actually seem happy about that." I AM! Why? I said to him, "I'm eternal! What difference does it make?" I definitely have aches and pains though. Getting up in the morning is a crazy scene, with the stiffness and backache. But I never complain. What's the point? But my older friends describe in intricate detail their aches and pains and trips to the doctor and pills and costs. I know that topic is of utmost importance to them right now, and it is important. I never say never, because likely I will be like that if I wind up here on earth at age 70, but I really hope that some people could expand their world view to beyond their body edges and converse about something else.

My confession- I like reality tv. Well, some of it. The Apprentice and IRT Deadliest Roads, and Chopped. People tell me that they are rigged, or they are way edited and don't represent life, and for some reality tv shows I would think so. But I think Chopped is simply four people cooking three dishes and one comes out the winner. There's not a lot of fudging you can do on a one-time contest cooking show I wouldn't imagine. As for Deadliest Roads, either they fall off the road or they stay on it. And, I think Donald Trump is sort of an OK guy. Hey, don't judge me.

Why do we have to spend most of Sunday getting ready for Monday? Really aggravating.

Well, the Christmas lights are glowing and the gas stove is crackling and the cup of soup is heating and my couch is waiting, An evening of reality tv awaits, and the...the WEEK. Till next time...

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