Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day snowstorm 2010

Atlanta Georgia and environs received measurable snow for the first time in 128 years. Our area, 90 miles NE from Atlanta, received several inches as well. It began on Christmas afternoon and continued overnight to noon today. It is still going a good bit even now at noon on the 26th. Here are some photos from my yard:

Christmas night snow

Hay! What's going on?

Where's Waldo?

This snow is for the birds!

Cold feet
This in Georgia...reminds me of...

THIS!!!!!!!! North Yarmouth Maine


Anonymous said...

Jeanne says: we are under a state of emergency up here in the frozen north... two feet of snow predicted....

Elizabeth Prata said...

Yikes!! That's pretty bad. Don't forget to draw water, get the candles out, and leave the snow shovel by the front door! I'll never forget the drill... ;)