Monday, December 20, 2010

Rural loveliness on the way to a friend's house

I went over to visit a friend in an area I rarely travel but always love it when I do. It's in a REALLY rural area and it's so beautiful. That day was rainy and overcast, and despite the attractiveness of the rolling hills, well-maintained fences, and animals trotting about, I ended up taking two photos of rural-ness that are typically considered not as attractive. But they are to me.


Christie said...

Those are awesome. Some of the best shots are found in rusty old forgotten items.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at that barn. It's right up there next to that road...that's next to that other road... :-) Sometimes in the summer they put an American flag up at the top. :-)

Elizabeth Prata said...

Yes, that's exactly where it is! lol.

I love the antique tractor in front and the cows meandering around behind.