Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cold outside, it's a two kitten night

The title is a riff on the well-known 'three dog night'. The legend goes, shepherds would sleep outside and curl up next to a dog if it was cold. Two dogs if it was really cold and three dogs if it was freezing.

I've been on vacation this week and in the evenings I spend some time on the couch, something I don't do during the work-week. Then, I usually just read and study at the kitchen table and if I was not too tired, I'd head to the couch at around 9 pm for a half hour or hour before bed. On vacation, I settle over there after supper, around 7. I bring the computer with me and continue to browse, but also watch some tv. My cats love this. They hear the creak of the couch frame and zoom over from wherever they were within a heartbeat. Nosing under the lap blanket, they curl up, veritably pinning me to the spot. With laptop on my lap, a kitten next to me and one on my legs, I am stuck! But happily so. I'm thrilled that they get along with each other, and with me, so well.

It has been cold though. The temps lately have been 5 to 15 degrees below normal. Highs of thirty degrees are supposed to be overnight lows. Nights have been in the teens. Oh, well, we have only warmth in store as the sun climbs ever higher after the solstice.

The Christmas day snow we received here is just about all gone. On the way home yesterday I passed a sweet looking snowman. In the high sun he looked intoxicated in the extreme. Lopped way over, like he was doing aerobics at the waist, he was definitely doomed. I thought about taking a photo but I left the melting guy in peace, his sloshy dignity intact. I suppose by today he was all gone, his all too brief foray in the world of humans but a melted memory. I'm so happy that snow here lasts only a day or two.

I bought a ginormous bag of turnip greens on sale for 99 cents. It is a good deal. I hope I like turnip greens.

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