Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Turquoise moons and tasty pizza

Last night I got all excited taking practice shots of the moon in preparation for the big lunar moment when it'd go into an eclipse at 3am. I practiced and practiced and practiced. I finally got one I liked and then called it a night. I set my alarm for 3:15 and laid down to sweet sleep. At 2:30 I awoke of my own volition and debated with myself. Will I get up or won't I get up? Do I want to throw off three blankets and two cats and walk into the freezing night? On the other hand, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and I can get some really good shots, as well as enjoy the celestial spectacle with minimum effort and perfect weather conditions.

Nah. I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep. Lazy bones!

In my resulting lunar eclipse research, conducted while fully dressed and in daylight comfort, I learned that the turquoise tinge on the moon is the presence of water particles in the air as a fine mist can also cause the moon to appear blue. The light mist above a body of water can have this property. The rising full moon, observed from a point where the moonlight passes through the mist, can cause the moon to appear a light blue color. As the moon continues to rise the color will change to a light green then to the more familiar yellowish hue. The blue color will be observable for less than a minute before it changes. (Wikipedia)

When I arose this morning I sort of regretted not getting up to see it, but oh well, I love my bed time.

It's a cold and drizzly, damp to the bones kind of winter day here in NE Georgia. I was quietly ensconced in my tiny apartment having a nice time with my computer internet surfing when I realized that horror of horrors, I was out of Green Tea!  One comforting thing about heading to the great outdoors is that it is large pizza one topping for $5 day at Jessi's Deli in Danielsville. But to get the tea and the prize of cheap but tasty pizza, I have to dress (ugh) drive in my clattertrap cold car (ugh ugh) and see PEOPLE (triple ugh). Oh well, no worries, I headed out and to my surprise, there was hardly any traffic, no one else was out (I bet they're all in Athens, Christmas shopping) and I got my stuff done and was home in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

Well It's almost time for Judge Judy. Doesn't my staycation sound sophisticated and enviable? Cheap pizza and an irascible old judge television show. Woot! I know how to party!

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Christie said...

A friend of mine went with me to a local street that gets all decked out in Christmas lights so we could practice our nighttime shooting but I was so tired after that was done I came home and went right to sleep. Would have been cool to see but surely someone else captured it for us. Sounds like a good evening, though. You have to love Judy's no nonsense rulings.