Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why am I dressed up like a pirate in this restaurant?

I love those FreeCreditReport.com commercials. Sometimes an ad campaign comes along that just tickles me. From the 1970s I remember "Now that's a spicy meat-a-ball!" Alka Seltzer. And also "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" (You ate it Ralph). I looked for a long time for the I ate the whole thing ads but the only ones I could find were the remakes with Peter Boyle. Here's a spicy meata-ball for your viewing pleasure:

Who can forget the famous "I'd like to teach the world to sing" Coca Cola ad? 1971...a more innocent time, when we thought singing and coke would solve it all. Sort of like now, when we think singing and hope will solve it all. Here is a page written about the inspiration of the ad and how it came about.

Clara Peller Wendy's 'Where's the Beef" were good too. No matter how many times I watch it I laugh when she says "I don't think there's anybody back there".

I wrote before about the Geico cavemen ads, which were great. My favorite was the "I'll have the duck with the mango salsa." I loved mango salsa when it first came out but now it's a way trendy food item you never find on any menu, like sun-dried tomatoes. LOL.

My new latest crush is the curly headed slacker whose credit went to pot and pals around with his slacker posse singing their blues while a cranky old lady tuts tuts him from the background. You remember the guys singing in the Pirate Restaurant?

I like the ditties, though the latest one (number 6) is a bit hard rock for me and you can't understand the lyrics. But my favorite thing of all is the old lady. She's in the Pirate Restaurant, the Bike commercial as the crossing guard and the Ren Faire in a neat dress. She just cracks me up. I have read that the ad writers plan to put the pirate hat in all the ads and keep the cranky old lady too. Scowl on, Old Lady!

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Tammy said...

Wow, I enjoyed that stroll down memory lane....but you know the coke commercial...that was my Mom's favorite. She loved it. I even bought her a coke music box that played the tune.

I am really missing my Mom, and this made me smile.