Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Summer heat & humidity equals summer headache

I made a nice breakfast this morning: a scrambled egg with feta, a tasted garlic stick, and a couple of the yellow squash patties I'd made yesterday.

I also popped into the oven a really good item I've come to enjoy making (and eating) a chewy oatmeal bar (or cookie). It only has a couple of ingredients and so is very quick to make. Oatmeal and mashed overripe banana are the main ingredients, along with a dollop of butter a pinch of salt and sugar, cinnamon, and anything else you want to put in. I add sunflower seeds and raisins. The other half I put in craisins instead of raisins. The only thing is that they take along time to cook, so I started early so the apartment wouldn't get too hot.

While the oven was on I threw in the garlic sticks I'd bought on reduced sale yesterday. Never use the oven for only one thing!

Yesterday was sort of cool(er), and then at noon it rained hard and cooled things off more. I didn't use the air conditioner. After 5:00 or so when the rains stopped, I still didn't use the AC. This is because the hottest temperature of the day comes at 4:00 so I thought I was safe to keep the AC off. It actually began to get hotter, though. The humidity was creeping upward and this made the air seem very hot, even if the actual temps were lower than they had been at 4:00. I hadn't counted on the humidity, it was awful. I didn't notice the apartment getting slowly hotter. I was the frog and the place was the boiling pot, and by 11:00 when I went to bed I realized I was sticky, irritable, and restless.

That yucky feeling continued through the night, and I woke this morning with a headache, sweaty and restless. Ick.

Two ibuprofen didn't reduce the headache so I'm going to take two more, and a cool shower. Yes, it's late, but I just couldn't seem to get my day started at 8:00 like I usually do.

~~~~~~~~~~~an hour later~~~~~~~~~~~

Headache still there. Lesson learned: Use the AC! A love summer so dearly because it is such a blessed time at home, but the heat that comes with it sometimes is a high price to pay. I do long for these kind of sharp, cool, October days:

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