Monday, July 07, 2014

It's summer: attack of the zucchinis!

How do you tame a dozen zucchinis and turn them into a manageable recipe? Here is the secret.

Below are ten zucchinis we received at Bountiful Basket. I have two more in the fridge.

In summer we often get overwhelmed with the large amount of produce suddenly appearing. Between our own gardens, Bountiful Baskets, and friends who also want to offload some produce from their gardens, we can open the fridge and feel like the yellow squash, cukes, tomatoes and zucchini are getting the better of us.

Like the birds... Tippi Hedren having a quiet smoke, listening to the children in the school sing...

...and a few zucchinis birds appear

And a few more...

AAAAAACKK! Run for your life! It's the attack of the zucchinis!

Well, this recipe settles the matter. I put the zucchinis in a large stock pot with some olive oil and salt, put the burner to medium, cover and let it go. Once in a while, stir because even in Calphalon or teflon they stick. Let it go a loooong time. The water is reduced out of the zucchini and what is left is a browned, nutty mound that tastes like heaven. All those zucchinis made two bowls of this: (it's a cereal bowl), or four side dishes as accompaniment-

I topped it with Parmesan shaker cheese. My husband's grandmother was from southern Italy and he got the recipe from her. Most recipes say to saute only a few minutes but if you let the zucchini go for 45 minutes, or longer, it reduces to a nutty, flavorful dish. It certainly helps banish the claustrophobic feeling that you're surrounded by zucchinis that will rise up and take over the kitchen...


Anonymous said...

Hence why we stopped growing zucchs a long time ago. HAHA, they quickly take over your garden, your fridge, and your life, in that order.


Anonymous said...

By the way that Italian zucch dish sounds amazingly good! Thanks for sharing the recipe.