Thursday, July 03, 2014

Half of summer goals accomplished, other half coming up

I moved some things around in the garage and saw that my plastic bin of photos had a big hole in the bottom corner. I did not want mice to get at them. I brought the bin inside and today my goal was to go through all the photos I own. I scanned a bunch of pictures and reorganized the bin, and tomorrow I'll try to find a spot in the apartment to put it (a challenge in a two room apartment with one closet). I'll have fun over the next few days playing with them and posting some and adding scripture verses to some, and all that jazz.

Here is one photo. In 1993 we visited the very famous car collection of Bob Bahre in West Paris Maine. It is a private collection rivaling any in any place in the world, whether museum or private. But once per year on Founder's Day, the Bahres open the collection to the public for free (donations accepted). I enjoyed seeing the Tuckers, Packards, Rolls', Mercedes, mostly from the 1930s but many were from the prior generation and even some carriages from prior to self-propel era. He owns the car Clark Gable owned (1938 Packard) the car used in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and much more

I think this is a 1928 Packard 5th series Formal Sedan hood ornament

After that I plan to dig out some of my craft supplies and try making some collages again. Or paint something.

My goals for the first half of summer have been completed. I wanted to dispose of my television, and move the large bureau that it's on and clean behind it. Also to re-wrap the wires into bundles. An ounce of kitten-prevention is worth a pound of cure.

I wanted to swap my art around and also fix several pieces the - ahem - kitten had slapped off the wall and broken.

I planned to take the quilt off the hanging bar and gently wash it and replace it on the bar. Not easy because the bar is just an inch or two above my reach and I have to stretch to get it on there, and the bar isn't securely affixed to the wall and the likelihood of it falling down is great. (Update: phew, mission accomplished and I didn't tear, break, or ruin anything!)

Another goal was to empty my closet and drawers and reorganize them completely. It feels very good to have neat drawers! I made all my hanging clothes be according to type, season, and color. Sigh of relief...

Last, I had come into a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of theological books. I wanted to reorganize my bookshelf and put them in groups of like subject, and put the books that I'd let become stray from their spot back into the order.

Top shelf: art, beauty, shells and shell encyclopedias and compendium
Second shelf, Bible reference books, atlases, Old Testament, John Macarthur books.
Third Shelf: open hole for cats to jump into and hide behind books, spiritual warfare library on rest of shelf. Also book of world symbols.
Fourth Shelf: commentaries, biographies.
Bottom shelf: native American books, shell identification books.

I like being organized. No that's not cottage cheese on the gas radiator. It is an empty container which I use to put cat food in to feed the beasts, one of which can be seen nibbling even as I took the photo. The small dustpan and whisk on top of the bookshelf is to sweep up their crumbles.

I completed all those projects. Now for the second half of my summer of relaxation and privacy, here ensconced in my fortress of solitude, under the cone of silence, I plan to work on my photographs, make some art, and finish the Spurgeon biography. I also started a biography of Eugene Sallee who was a missionary to China in 1905. I already made 80% headway on the photos.

Of course the usual things I do still apply. I always do bible study, writing both blogs, answering email, and a project or two for people in my real life as they come up.

And what would spare time be if I didn't experiment with cooking some of the wonderful products I receive at Bountiful Baskets? I made the yellow squash patties the other day and they were excellent. Two separate friends had dropped off BUNCHES of yellow squash from their garden and I was inundated. Happily so. I made yellow squash patties (about 2 dozen!) and yesterday I used most of the rest and made cream of squash soup.

This morning I did something different, I put a patty on an English Muffin half and a runny fried egg on top. It was delicious!

With all the mangoes I'd gotten at Bountiful Baskets, I had to so something with them. I froze a few (for mango slushies or mango smoothies), and also I tried black bean and mango salad. I have to say this was a total success. I added scallions instead of the yellow peppers (because I had scallions and didn't have peppers, lol) and skipped the cilantro (again, I didn't have this ingredient). Also we'd received many limes at BB so I used the lime juice that's recommended and freshly squeezed some in there. Salt finished the seasoning. Very good combo, the mango and black beans, both taste wise and it was pretty.

So that was the plan and that is the new plan. I have about five more weeks of summer to enjoy before returning to school in  Mid-August. I'm blessed with this much time off, that is for SURE!!

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