Thursday, July 10, 2014


I started this blog in August of 2006. Almost exactly 8 years ago. I believe I've said everything I wanted to I don't have that interesting of a life anyway. I'm going to take a break from this blog. It may be a long break or it may be a permanent one. Thank you for reading, I appreciate it so much. God bless.


Grace to You said...

I wish you would reconsider - I've especially enjoyed reading about your bountiful baskets and what you do with them. I just tried the other day cooking squash the way you mentioned and I loved it! Maybe you could turn it into a cooking blog? :)

BTW, I'm still mulling over the verses you shared, but not as quickly as I would like...we homeschool, and we moved this year so it put us behind and we're trying to finish up our school work for the rest for the weary. :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the little glimpses into your quiet life. You are a mentor to me just by the way you do life along w your End Times blog. It's fun to read how you cook your meals and savor God's creation in your kitties and in the nature photos and even random little things like shower curtain rings. :) It might sound strange but reading your blog makes me smile whenever you post because my life is so loud all the time with 6 kids. I vicariously live through you! Haha
At the same time I am very supportive of people whenever they have times of needing to reign things in and take a hiatus from something so I understand.
Enjoy your summer!


Anonymous said...

I second GtY's sentiments. I enjoy this blog too! And don't think your life is boring at all.


Anonymous said...

Wow, my last comment - proof positive I should not write when I'm tired. I meant to say:

"I don't think your life is boring at all." ('I' not 'And' as I wrote.)

And I meant to make a longer comment but just zoned out.

So continuing on with what my thoughts were:

Your life is an awesome life being lived for the glory of Christ our Savior. I enjoy your stories about your kitties, and your random thoughts on simple things, and your photos, and your BB posts are just great! Seeing your thankfulness for His provisions, your frugality and cleverness. It's been a pleasure to be a regular reader.

Hey I even went out and got some zucch's today, inspired by your blog recipe.

I certainly don't want to get in the way if you really feel you need to take a hiatus, but know your blog was well loved and well enjoyed!


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, you lead a wonderful life walking with Christ daily, you always think outside the box which makes it very special just like you. Can't wait to meet you one day when we all get together to singing and shouting the victory. See you on that day my dear sister.

Anonymous said...

Your blog speaks to many people who are much like you. People who are trying to make their dollars stretch, people who are looking for new ways to prepare food, people who have rewarding but sometimes exhausting jobs, people who enjoy your creative art work and most of all people who are longing to live the quiet life. Your life is not boring but is a calming influence from a Christian perspective in a chaotic world.
Please reconsider.

Kem Blank said...

I read the other blog more often but this blog is always delightful and will be missed if you don't resume at some point. Even if you just post your beautiful pictures with the story behind them...Sending love and hugs to you.