Saturday, June 28, 2014

Shower curtain rings

I'm not a big fan of gear. I don't like paraphernalia, stuff, or anything complicated. That goes for curtains.

Shower curtains are always a pain. The rings are hard to snap open and shut. You have to either each way up or you have to stand on a slippery tub edge to get them open. (I'm short). Recently I found a few open type rings in the bottom of my junk drawer and so I got rid of a few of the snap-closed rings but I still had some, and that meant every time I wanted to wash the liner I had to struggle to get these opened.

But then at the Dollar Store I found a wonderful invention. It's about time! It is an open ring with a hook on both sides! I can hang the outer sheer outside the tub and the liner inside, on the same ring. I can put the liner on and remove it easily when I want to wash it. The shower ring looks like the logo from That Girl (a 1960s television show), except the ring is clear and not black

As a bonus, it turns out that these particular rings slide very easily! It is a pleasure when the things that are supposed to enhance your life (no matter how small) actually enhance your life.

I'm tickled at the unexpected pleasure of a small thing working well.


Anonymous said...

I love it, too, when things that are supposed to make your life easier actually *do*! Years ago we had a terrible manual can opener, which hurt our hands every time we used it. Then we found a good grips manual can opener, and thought, can this really be better? Oh yes it can! Our terrible can opener went byebye, and we've had the good grips one since. Opening cans manually is a breeze now! Who knew?!

And you're rubbing off on me more and more with cooking. I'm finding substituting on-hand ingredients is working out great for impromptu recipes. I made spanish rice... didn't have tobasco but had cayenne; didn't have diced tomatoes but had paste (added water); then I added the other ingredients which I did have, and voila, a delicious rice dish!


Elizabeth Prata said...

So cool about the can opener! I know just what you mean.

Great news about substituting ingredients! The only time it matters is in baking, because of the chemistry. Your substitutions sound terrific, glad they worked out.

Anonymous said...

"The only time it matters is in baking, because of the chemistry."

Yes! That's exactly what I tell people. I never follow recipes verbatim except baking.