Saturday, September 29, 2012

What a week!

This was a long and rough week. I found out it was not rough for just me but for everyone. The Fair is in town, which is a pretty big deal. A local person told me that fair week is always rough at school. The kids are excited they are going to the fair, unable to contain themselves with excitement. Their antsiness shows up at school. Also, many kids and families participate in the animal shows and that is busy and stressful too. So it was just a plain old busy week.

It was made nice last night by the warm late summer air and golden harvest moon shining down. When I went into the other room I thought the neighbor had left the floodlight on. It was the moon shining so brightly!

I made a change from my regular routine of doing all the weekly shopping on Friday to splitting it to Friday and Saturday. I usually go to the Dollar Store and the Grocery Store at the same time. The two stores are side by side. But this week I've got a lot to buy at the Dollar Store, and last week they gave a receipt with a $5 off coupon on the back if you buy $25 worth of stuff. I actually do have $25 of items to buy this week so I could throw the $5 away by not waiting one day.

However, I really hate going out on Saturdays. I like to just stay in my PJs and write and do my chores at home and then take a nap and then do a few more chores, and then read. In other words, I like to recover from the week without having to enter the world again!!

Oh well, I am lucky I live only a half a mile from town and I can go get my mail, do a bit of banking and get my stuff at the Dollar Store. That is the other advantage of living in a small town, these three things are practically adjacent to one another. LOL. Heck, those three things are practically all there is in town at all. When I get home I want to do the laundry, vacuum and wash the dishes. That will leave only cooking for tomorrow.

I plan to make a pan of roasted veggies, baked tofu, and a quiche. Hey, if I'm going to turn on the oven, I may as well really use it!

So this blog entry is a procrastinating kind of blog entry. I should get up right now and get going. Really. Any moment now.

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