Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stunning sunrise

Sunrise as I went to work Friday. I stuck my camera out my passenger window and snapped as I drive along. The photo has not been enhanced in any way, except reduced for size. Pretty, isn't it!

The place where I took it is over a huge pasture. Here is what it looks like in the daytime.

It has been a nice weekend so far. I hope you are enjoying yours. I went to a friend's house last night. We had pizza and talked. Today the cold that has been threatening to emerge has become full-blown, despite my best effort to hold it off via hydrogen peroxide gargles and neti pot washings. So I am taking it easy, having iced chamomile tea and naps.

I am about to head over to the couch to continue reading Einstein's Dreams and watch some version of Law & Order. I don't know which, but there's always one of them on.

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