Sunday, September 23, 2012

A bad soup

I made some cream of potato soup. This inaugurates the soup-making season. Now that it's cooler, my Sunday will henceforth be filled with either casseroles or baking granola bars, or soup.

I'm not sure my cream of potato soup is all that successful. It was a simple recipe, but somehow it didn't come out quite as good as the recipe ingredients made it look like it should. I think I need more broth and less milk.

Anyway, it is still not too bad. Not bad but not great. Perhaps it's because I'm out of practice. Yeah, that's it. Next week I'm going to make a cream of vegetable soup but use a lot less milk and a lot more broth. Maybe no milk at all, but just blender-ized roasted veggies providing the thickening agent.

The weather is glorious! It is in the upper 50s and low 60s overnight and the mid 70s during the day! I actually put on slippers today (though I'm still in shorts, lol). What grand and glorious day and there are more of these ahead.

Friday is payday and I'm thrilled. I love my job and then I get paid! Double grateful.

The agricultural fair is coming around again. It is a very charming event and highly popular to one and all. My church brothers and sisters will be there, serving and preaching, and most of the rest of the county enjoying the cooler weather and fun games and livestock competitions. Here are a few photos from previous seasons-

Have a good week, all. :)

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