Friday, September 21, 2012

Bread in the road

It was a cool and foggy morning. Driving to work the sky above was clear blue but the morning fog hadn't lifted yet. It pooled in the small dips, and the pastures were softened by the cloud of white adorning its sides. It was actually very pretty. The pastures are still green and vibrant, and the leaves haven't turned yet so  they're green too. The contrast of green below, blue above and white in between was pretty cool.

Driving along, I saw a something in the middle of the road. It wasn't moving, Oh, no, I thought...some kind of animal is dead. There are many animals around here and it is common to see raccoons, possum, and deer dead in the road. Once I saw an armadillo. Also we occasionally see a cat lying there in the middle of the road too. That's always sad. But as I got closer to the object I saw that it was a most unusual specimen. It was a loaf of bread!

I mused on that for a while, thinking, "Gee, I'd really love to hear the story of the bread." Did one of the kids in the car get mad and toss it out the window? Was there a bump in the road and a loaf jounced out of an open pickup truck or a jeep? I'll never know. But there was a loaf of bread laying across the center line of the road I travel to work every day. I laughed and thought, "My daily bread came to me a different way today!"

I had a good week at work. The kids are just great. I'm kind of tired though. I will enjoy this weekend. The weather has cooled off and the nights are absolutely a delight with the crisp air wafting in and me snuggled beneath my quilt. Ahhh, Friday is here. Have a nice weekend everyone.

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