Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rainy night in Georgia

It is raining here now which is very comforting. The sound of gentle rain on the tin awnings is nice, and the occasional car splashes into a puddle as it goes by. All else is quiet.

One reason it's quiet is that I turned off the tv a while ago. I had been watching the mini-series "Into the West". It was very good, but increasingly I find that I don't want the extra emotional entanglement. Caring about the characters, mourning over the white man's atrocities, musing over the course of civilization's inexorable march across the pages of history even as it tramples the ground under its feet, transforming the geography with wagon ruts, train tracks and dynamite...all pointlessly weighty on my heart. Committing to two hours is just beyond me. As Frank Barone said, "I'm not set up for that!"

Church service was excellent today. Well, they're all excellent, but today felt really good. I enjoyed the Sunday School lesson and the sermon was excellently put together and delivered. I felt refreshed when I came out.

Today's cooking was soup. Vegetable soup with elbow macaroni. I like how the macaroni saturates during the week and it turns into more of a stew and less of a soup. I have a cherry pie in the fridge, and salad too. Sounds like lunch for a few days!

I got curious as to whether my old house was still standing. I looked it up on Google maps. It looks pretty good! I see that the trees I'd planted back in 1984 have grown up nicely. Google maps is great for satisfying the curiosity factor but I'm still discomfited by the notion that drones fly over and vans lurk and snap photos. When I bought that house the internet was just a twinkle in Larry Roberts and ARPANET's eye. And now look. I can use Google earth and fly over Greenland if I want to.

I wonder what tomorrow holds? I'll find out in about 12 hours. Meanwhile I'll go read a book and listen to the rain.

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