Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some things I like about summer

Summer means:

Reality TV: (Duck Dynasty and Food Network Star and Design Star). Guilty luxuries but hey, they're rated G! I love that the next morning I can scan the blogs and recaps and comments and commentaries. A time waster for sure.

Birds: lots and lots and lots of them at dawn. I love my yard. I live that I love where it is quiet enough to hear them through even my hazy waking up veil of sleep.

Big breakfasts: today it will be pancakes. A second pot of coffee if I feel like it. Carefully scanning the online ad in making my grocery list with steaming cuppa joe next to my notepad. Little things that keep me functioning but pleasurable to be able to take the time in doing them.

Flowers: I threw some morning glory seeds around last year that I'd dried. The ones I threw at the base of the large tree out front took. Now there are pure white morning glories almost as big as a bush climbing up the south side of the trunk and when the afternoon sun sets it lights them up so brightly! Gorgeous!

Blogs: Searching out bloggers worth reading. I like blogs that feature lots of photography, the kind where they post big pictures of birds or their kids or their farm and I don't have to read a lot. I read all day, by the time for leisure arrives I just like looking at pretty or nice things..

Facebook: As stated so succinctly on The Big Bang Theory:
"Leonard Hofstadter: I thought you hated Facebook.
Sheldon Cooper: Don't be silly. I approve of anything that replaces human interaction."

It's true. I can stay engaged without fear of being suddenly hugged. I love reading the witticisms from my friends, like this "It's summer and the weather is getting hot. Girls of Madison County High School: You can't fit 10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound bag."

Or this:

"This status goes out to all of my friends who might get a job out of high school because they didnt post nasty status updates & pictures of them smoking a blunt."

Photos: My friend Jeanne used to drill it into me when I was editing the newspaper, "Pictures, pictures, pictures! And make them big." I love looking at even unknown people' photos of anything, family, birds, landscapes...but I always forget to post photos on my blog! That's gonna stop, right now.

O made my pass around the property this morning while the dew was still glistening. I checked the figs, the birdhouses, the magnolias, enjoyed the hayfield and the birds flitting over it.



Never Forsaken said...

Hi Elizabeth,
You and I share pretty much all the same joys about summer that you listed! I just threw some new morning glory seeds into the ground yesterday, I used to always dry and keep them until one year a thrifty squirrel ran off with the whole mess for their nest! I kept looking out into the woods for a brightly blooming squirrel nest, as I thought for sure he must have dropped some seeds from the dried pods.
I really enjoy the 'Duck Dynasty' It's about time we can enjoy a reality show that has some good moral people in it. Plus it is hilarious!
I must admit I am not a fan of facebook I view it as a "social convention like exchanging gifts"...One recieves a gift and then feels the need to reciprocate, thus exchanging gift for gift incessantly...Bazinga!
(my variation on sheldon Cooper's philosophy of social interaction)
I am glad you decided to post more pictures, I believe they truly tell the story.
~God Bless~
"Flowers are appearing on the earth. The season for singing has come.
The cooing of doves is heard in our land."
(Song of Solomon 2:12)

Elizabeth Prata said...

Hi Lisa!

"You haven't given me a gift, you've given me an obligation!" LOL!

I'm glad to read I'm not the only flower lover who takes seeds and just throws them about.

I like the Song of Solomon verse, thank you :)