Friday, May 04, 2012

A good week, bobwhite!

--Best scene of the day: yesterday, kindergarteners in line, reaching and jumping to catch dust motes in the sunbeams streaming in the windows.
--Best line of the day: Kindergartener: "Mrs Prata?" "Yes?" Arms upraised- "I'm GROWING UPPPP!" 
--Biggest goof of the day: I told my data partner all the wrong numbers to input and we got half the load done before we discovered my mistake.
--Best grace of the day: My data partner who said kindly "That's all right."
--Best food of the day: Gina Belle's strawberry cobbler.

Last night I heard a bob-white quail in the trees, for the fist time! Excited. I looked up the bird call by mnemonic bird song, you listen to what it sounds like and then type in the phrase. This bird call sounded like toot-suite! And when I typed that in, it said it was a bob white. Then I searched Youtube for the bob white call to match what I'd heard and to conform. Sure enough it was a Virginia Bobwhite quail.

When I got to school today I was still excited. I told a colleague, a southern local, born and bred. She said that her granddad used to tell them that when you heard the bobwhite call it means rain was on the way. And sure enough today it rained. We've been in the middle of an extreme drought for some time so the rain was a great relief.

Unfortunately the rain also cancelled our annual Field Day at school. We go outside and have stations and rotate and play games with the kids. It's a lot of fun. It will be re-scheduled to next week, but the day was kind of a loss as far as the activities went.

I got an air purifier for the apartment. It is supposed to take care of the dander and dust. So that will be good. Overall it was a good week and I'm looking forward to a good weekend. And the end of the school year is coming! Only 9 1/2 more school days!!

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