Sunday, May 06, 2012

Plans for the day

It's Sunday, so that means rest. It's hot, so that means not doing much. I'll steam the head of cauliflower I got and mash it up. A friend told me that if you put mashed cauliflower into different dishes it makes the dish creamy and the cauliflower isn't noticeable, yet you get the benefit of the vegetable. She does this to slip veggies into dishes her son will eat, like pasta. I'll make some elbows with tomato sauce and put the cauliflower into that to try out her method.

That is about it for cooking plans today. I made a black bean salad last night that will take me through the next few days, and I have sandwich stuff at the ready. I've got yogurt, fruit, and lots of juices. The next three days (including today) are supposed to be in the upper 80s with heat index over 90. Since I refuse to turn on the AC this early, this means eating light and cold.

I am reading another Sue Grafton "Alphabet book", the Kinsey Millhone detective novel series. This one is T is for Trespass. I renewed my interest in the detective at V is for Vengeance, Grafton's latest book, (which was really good) and I am working my way backwards to where I left off, at O is for Outlaw. I am also part-way into a Bodie Thoene book called Shiloh Autumn. The novel is set in the south during the depths of the Depression in 1931. The author uses heavy dialect and it has a strong sense of place. The pages describing the old General Store were superlative, for example. But in just 20 pages is has already shifted time frames three times and scenes four that makes for slow plowing. The setting and tone of the book reminds me a lot of Cold Sassy Tree but not as good. To be fair, nothing is as good as Cold Sassy Tree. But if Shiloh Autumn doesn't pick up I"ll go full steam ahead with Kinsey and the other books I have on deck.

When school ends in 9.5 work days I will be so happyyyyy. I can read, write and study all I want- all summer long! And consume science documentaries and watch goofy episodes of old favorites like Newhart and Rockford Files. And make salads and nap with my cats. A simple life, but a great one.

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Anonymous said...

Your summer plans sound fabulous! I'd love to be able to pull that off for even a month! Enjoy.