Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day one of summer vacation

So this morning was my first morning of summer vacation. Yay! Of course, my body is on the same schedule it was yesterday. My head knows I could sleep late, my body does not.

I gave up and got up at 6:09, nine whole minutes later than usual. Woot! I'm living large!

Having lots of energy I'd usually expend in the hallways at school chasing after five year olds whose legs, though short, really scoot along, I expended today on cleaning the kitchen and messing it up again by cooking stuff. It is going to be hot the next few days and I decided to and make all the veggies into...something. I put scallions into oil, salt and lemon juice for half an hour, then grilled them on my George Foreman grill. Fabulous!

I par-boiled sweet potatoes and when they cooled, sliced them the long way, tossed them in oil and salt and laid them on the GF grill. Another winner!

I made yellow rice, and sauteed vidalia onion/green pepper/squash/ carrots. Now I have the bones for making other things. I could mix the rice and veggies, I may have a cold veggie salad, I could always toss pasta with the veggies, whatever.

The kitchen is cleaned and there's healthy cooked food in the fridge. I still have half the day ahead, and I'm relaxed. Day one is off to a good start.

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