Sunday, May 13, 2012

Commanding boys, and school lunch

At recess Friday afternoon, I got a complaint from one of the girls.
"That boy keeps following us around and pointing at us, saying "I am the king of the world and I command you!" Does he command us?
"Can you tell him to stop doing that please?"

Some boys have an outsized ego, early. Some girls don't put up with it, early.

Our school lunches are fantastic. Both cafeterias do a great job of getting hot, nutritious food in front of hundreds of kids within a short time frame. They work with the synchronicity of an Army logistics team and in the 100 degree heat, too. They make ALL their breads fresh on site and they cook up wonderful desserts. The fresh cinnamon rolls the other day were to die for.

I did happen to notice though on one particular day, that the choice of the burrito lunch came with the following interesting note on the packaging:

Um, "Textured Vegetable Protein?" That frankly sounds worse than tofu.

Actually on that day the other choice was cheesy pizza breadsticks with sauce, veggie, and a fantastic fresh fruit salad with strawberries and blueberries. It looked so good I hustled down to my classroom and scarfed up my checkbook so I could buy a lunch. 

It's raining today, a gentle and warmish rain that sounds good. I finished a big project yesterday evening and today I am going to just kick back. Oops, I better hurry up, it is almost 3:00 already! And I haven't even had my Sunday nap yet!

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