Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter break

Our school's winter break begins tomorrow. It is a Friday and a Monday off bracketing a weekend. We get 4 wonderful days off, and two four-day weeks in a row. Ack, who am I kidding. I'll miss the kids by Tuesday...

I got groceries. I plan to make a spinach-mushroom-cheese quiche, pasta e fagiole soup, and pasta with garlic sticks for my main meals the next few days. I picked up the book I'd put on hold at the library, "An Invisible Thread." That, along with the final book in the Lonesome Dove series which is about a billion pages long and I'm still working on, will keep me busy this weekend.

I was lying on the couch earlier and Bert was on my legs and Luke was lying on my chest. Clingy, they are! I love it.

The lamps are glowing and the gas heat is hissing. The rest of the place is quiet. I have my red blanket on my lap and I'm in my comfy clothes. Quite a difference from when I started my day in a gym with 300 kids, some crying, some yelling, some running...loud. Now it is quiet. I like quiet.

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