Saturday, February 04, 2012

Figgy thoughts

There is a large fig tree on the property where I rent an anaprtment. There is one other resident here. I love figs but until I moved to GA and had access to them as a fresh item ready to be plucked I'd rarely eaten one. They damage easily, go over quickly and thus are expensive to buy when or if they do show up at a grocery store. For the most part, fresh figs had been inaccessible to me most of my life.

When I saw the fig tree I fell in love. I will never move. I will camp out under the tree on my back with mouth open and ready to eat all the figs that drop. None will even get to touch the ground. LOL.

In seasons past I'd made fig compote and fig purses. In addition to simply popping them in my mouth, all fresh and delicious. Today I stumbled across a recipe for fig-bleu cheese crostini, and a goat cheese-proscuitto and fig pizza. YUM, YUM YUM. Fig season cannot get here fast enough!

The Year in Food: Kitchen

Fig lovers, unite!

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