Thursday, February 02, 2012

Gulliver, Lilliput, and sick day

It's been a gorgeous day. We had strong sun, clear skies and 70 degree plus temps. Ahhh. However I stayed home from work with a vicious sinus infection and haven't been outside at all. I felt pretty bad yesterday at work, but during the night I'd propped myself upon two pillows so that my head was above my lungs. I had slept well and I'd been able to breathe all night. I woke up at 5:30am, thinking "Oh boy, I could breathe. Wonderful, I'll be at work today!"

So then I tried to get up. I tried and I tried. I was Gulliver! Liliputians had come in during the night and tied me down on all sides! My limbs were heavy and useless, my body veritably glued to the bed.

I was captive to the little germs swarming all over me, and succumbed to sleep once more...

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Ma said...

Oh I hear ya! We've had sickness since the year started.

Get well soon:)