Monday, February 20, 2012

Now I'm thinking about flowers

My cats have been bumping their head against my knee, on and off, all day. They love the attention and I'm only too happy to give it.

I am at home today on school break and while I am of sound mind, lol awake and fully alert, I decided to do some meatier theological study. I spent time listening to a high-end lecture on Jonathan Edwards and have been reading an 18-page paper on biblical tests to detect true salvation.

For a while I got sidetracked on study of Roman reclining postures, and then Roman military gear and attire, but I swerved back to the theology sure enough. My train of thought reminds of that scene in The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon tracks his thoughts. "Now I'm thinking about trains."

Now I'm thinking about flowers...

I love flowers, and I saw some daffodils in a field while driving home the other day. There are little bluebells in the yard. A dandelion or two pops up. I can't wait until there are more flowers blooming. I love spring! Thinking about flowers reminded me of the poppies in Lubec. The street is narrow and the sun is only high for a short time there, being so far north. The poppies of Water Street positively lean with loneliness toward the sun. But from this angle, you can't tell they are leaning and reaching heartrendingly for sun that so swiftly rises and sets. Here, they look happy and bright.

I wish I could have big sprays and bouquets of flowers in the house, but the cats would eat them. And then they would die. So that is that.

Here is a photo of a tiger lily I took in the yard. The Lilies are about to come up too. I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

I am not envious of Elizabeth, I am not envious of Elizabeth...LOL..
Gotta love that Sheldon Cooper though. I know TBBT mocks the Lord at times, but it does warm my heart a bit whenever Sheldon spontaneously shouts "Praise Jesus!" Although it is only a sit com, it gives this mother hope that having instilled an attitude of love and dependance upon the Lord into our grown is indeed a seed planted firmly.
God Bless You
Lisa (Never Forsaken)