Friday, February 17, 2012

How to do chores on a lazy day off

I am starting a four day weekend. Unlike a two day weekend (which I am completely blessed to have, I know!) doing chores on Saturday is fulfilling but the several hours it takes to finish them are that many hours away from the 15 hours you get off (and awake). I don't work at anything on Sunday and spend most of the day in worship, so chores on Sunday is out. Doing much of anything on Sunday is out, except for worship and nap.
This is me vacuuming on a regular weekend. Git 'er done.
So I am jealous of those few hours on Saturdays I have to devote to mundane, sustaining tasks like dishes and laundry and vacuuming. And no, I don't have children, or I know I'd be pleased with 10 minutes in a row, not ten hours.

But on a four day weekend the time expands. I feel like I can 'waste" a bit of it. So today I am staring at a list of chores and feel little compunction to get up and do them with the same vigor and purposeful intent I display on regular Saturdays. But I HAVE to get them done. Hmmm, a dilemma. So what I do is attack one task. Like just now I cleaned the bathroom floor, washed the sink, reorganized the shelf of bathroom items, and cleaned the light switch cover. I still have the kitty litter to attend to, the tub to clean, and the toilet, but here's the luxury of a four day weekend. I stopped before I was finished. I sat down and took a break. That half hour of chores wiped me out, lol. I listened to music, checked my twitter stream, and blogged about not doing chores. Now, there's a time waster! I better get on with it, pronto!
This is me vacuuming on a 4-day weekend. Get what done?

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