Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Updates on my fascinating personal life

The damson experiment did not work out. I boiled and thus reduced the damsons to a beautiful looking purple meat, and saved the deep purple juice (which the Romans used to use to dye their clothes), but I had no clue how to use them. Suggestions included jam or jelly, or cake.

1. I am not a jam fan, so the typical use for this tart fruit, making Damson jam or jelly, was out
2. I found a cake recipe that included blackberry jello as one of the ingredients and seemed like it would add up to a tasty cake.

However every time I went to pick a few more seeds out of the meat, there were a few more seeds. I'm not saying the seeds multiplied, but it certainly felt that way. And as the meat got more and more stirred around as I picked through, it coalesced, making it harder to see any more seeds. So in good conscience I could not give away a cake that would likely have teeth- busting seeds in them. And I certainly could not eat a whole cake myself. So scratch the cake idea.

3. They require too much sugar to make palatable. I don't like refined sugar.
So in the end I tossed it. I'll stick with peach cobbler. THOSE seeds you can see!
Report: New BBQ Restaurant in Danielsville:

Williams BBQ moved from their roadside stand to a nice new building with sit-down seating. They are located right next to my insurance agent, so yesterday after settling this year's vehicle policy I moseyed on over. The place was jammed. I loved the menu. Aside from the fabulous BBQ pork and chicken and sandwiches they are so locally famous for, there were a few other items which drew my attention as I scanned for a vegetarian entree. They offer veggie plates available from the lunch buffet and wait-served at table for dinner. In addition, here are a few other items:

Grilled cheese: $2
Tomato sandwich: $1.50
French fries: $1.50

It's nice to know you can still get a lunch for $3!!!
Your daily economic doom:
From George Ure's economic site: I love that he speaks in plain language. I can't understand most economic reports but George tells it like it is-

"In case you were sleeping through that Econ class, the idea with a fractional reserve financial system is that banks and depository institutions have reserves. But what the chart clearly informs us is that not only are the nation's banking reserves gone, but they are now funding their day-to-day operations on....tax dollars and printer's ink!" And never mind the NY Times reporting on the upcoming economic tsunami related to prime mortgages ...

The chart looks like a Brinks truck carrying US "money" drove off a cliff ... so the question of the morning is, have you stuffed your mattress yet?


ketzl said...

About that federal reserves going negative thing, according to the WSJ it's a false alarm due to a technical change: http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2008/02/08/non-borrowed-reserves-false-alarm/

Too bad you don't like jam! I've heard that damson plums make excellent jam due to their pleasant tartness.

Elizabeth Prata said...

ack, who ya going to believe, the WSJ...Fed's data...

I tend to think that the non-borrowed reserves chart is believable.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Here is why I am highly skeptical of anything the MSM puts out and disbelieve on the face of it anything Bush, Cheney, Rice, Paulson, and Bernanke say:

Empire of Debt, Empire of Lies (August 6, 2008)

We all know this. Commentators from Mish to Karl Denninger to John Williams to Nouriel Roubini to David Rosenberg to Richard Russell and many others have noted (and dissected) the preponderance of outright lies, obfuscatory half-truths and prevarications in virtually every nook and cranny of the U.S. financial system, including:

1. unemployment/birth-death model
2. CPI/consumer and producer price indices
3. assets (and losses) held off balance sheet
4. assets marked to model rather than to market
5. earnings manipulated by accounting legerdemain
6. distressed/defaulted mortgages and loans masked or hidden away
7. so-called "leaders" stating again and again that no capital infusions will be needed, and then raising capital days or weeks later
8. government officials and others understating the losses
9. government officials declaring the "crisis" over even as it picks up momentum
10. government officials bailing out lenders and investors under the guise of "helping homeowners"