Thursday, August 21, 2008

Forget alligators in the sewers, they are swimming FL streets!

Imagine...rising waters, trapped in your house, and you can't swim for it because an alligator may be lurking just under the surface by your front steps...

Flood Victims Warned Of Alligator Swimming In Streets
Homeowners Forced To Use Canoes

MELBOURNE, Fla. -- Homeowners in a Tropical Storm Fay-flooded community were being warned of an alligator swimming in their streets and near homes as record-breaking rain continued to fall Thursday.

Residents on Wickham Road in Melbourne were forced to use canoes to maneuver around their flooded streets.

Several homes were reported to have flooded and some streets near the Kings Hills subdivision had waist-deep water.

There are also reports of an alligator in the flooded neighborhood streets, which is another thing residents have to worry about, Local 6's Jessica Sanchez reported.

"We have removed alligators, we have removed snakes and we've removed all kinds of wildlife," Brevard EOC Director Bob Lay said. "Our animal services and enforcement officers have been doing this all over the county for the last three days."

Some Local 6 viewers sent images of alligators in their neighborhoods -- including one gator captured by animal services.

The National Guard has been called to Melbourne to help with voluntary evacuations.

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