Friday, August 01, 2008

Lavonia Georgia puts their money where their mouth is

I am proud of them! Wished I'd have known, I would have donated to the cause. BTW, Lavonia is 30 miles from me. People around here take morals and propriety seriously. Obviously, they persisted until they prevailed, and they spent money to do so.

Georgia town buys strip club to shut it down

LAVONIA, Ga. | A small town in northeast Georgia has bought a strip club, but it does not plan to get into the adult entertainment business.

The town of Lavonia could have used nearly $1 million to pay off the bond fund for a water treatment plant upgrade. Instead, officials bought Cafe Risque, which they have long tried to shut down.

Lavonia’s mayor got a standing ovation when he announced the deal at a meeting earlier this week. Crews took down the signs advertising it and burned them in a large bonfire at the strip club site, near a major highway.

Florida businessman Jerry Sullivan opened Cafe Risque in 2001. The city went to court several times to close it, but Sullivan’s lawyers argued successfully that nude dancing was a constitutionally protected form of expression.

Lavonia has since passed an ordinance outlawing adult entertainment businesses.

Sullivan died in 2006, but the club continued to operate. The city was finally able to buy it after negotiations.


Anonymous said...

If you contribute at certain levels will they give you a piece of the club? So for a donation of $100 will they give you a dancer's pole?

Not sure what you would do with it but it would be entertaining as a conversation piece :)


ketzl said...

I think if it was my county I'd oppose it. I mean there aren't so many taxpayers in Madison County that if you split up a million dollars it'd be pretty costly for me personally and I'd rather my tax dollars go to police services, roads and the school system.