Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I loved my dinner last night

I loved it so much I had it again for breakfast.

I sauteed a fresh garden yellow squash, a garden green pepper, a garden tomato and a local vidalia onion. Meanwhile, on the other burner, I was boiling 3 c water, and in a mixing bowl, one cup cold water and 1 cup yellow cornmeal. When the water boiled, ass the cornmeal mixture. I like doing it that way because it cuts down on lumps as opposed to adding the cornmeal directly to the boiling water.

When cornmeal is set, mix with veggies. Eat! Top with cheese or tomato sauce, but I like it plain and unadulterated.

You could put the mix into a rectangular pan and let set in fridge overnight and then grill or fry squares of it. But this way it's healthier.

Hmm, I think I will make some more for lunch.

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