Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I took a break. Now I'm back

I took a break, having not too much to say. Dog days of summer are that way. But today I have a moment and will share something without further delay.

We are all hoping that the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay will bless us with much needed rain. There's nothing for the cows to eat. The hay isn't growing, the fields are dry and brown. The earth is cracked and the dust blows over the clay hills, mixing brown and red, hovering over the dry roads and dusting the cars with a mixture of earth for which there is no water to wash off.

I signed up for the elementary school substitute list. I have a hankering to teach young children again. I used to be a teacher, but switched careers for a while to writing, consulting, and journalism. Now I am ready to revert to my original love, teaching the young ones. I love working with the tykes on Wednesday nights at prayer meeting, and at the Good News Club at Comer Elementary once a week in the afternoons, so I am looking for a few subbing jobs. They always need subs, I am told, so things look good.

The dog days of summer are still hanging on, it's hot! I am going for an oil change later and I'll ask my mechanic to look at why the A/C is so weak. It blows cool air, but not forcefully and when it's over 85 degrees the AC positively poops out. Ha ha, that's just when I need it.

I haven't been taking any photos lately, it's too hot. And a few weeks ago when I arrived at the River and the Falls to snap some splash, there was no water. It had dried up. Fay, come on up he-ah!

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