Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aw gosh kids are so cute

First week kindergarteners are so little! And cute. We have All-Day Kindergarten here, so the first week of school for the littlest ones is quite a hardship on their tiny bodies. They might leave for the bus at 7:30 or so, be at school all day, and then they come to the after-school club for which I volunteer, and they fade.

This there was a little boy with honey skin and liquid brown eyes with long lashes, just so cute. He had propped his elbows on his crossed knees and cradles his face in his hands as he was listening to the story. His head kept lolling to one side and at first I wondered if he was faking. But then he glanced over, scanning for a teacher, any teacher, and once his eyes found me, he gave me the look.

Moms, you know the look. It's the fraction of a second before the tyke has a meltdown. Meltdown meaning crying screaming kicking in the aisles loss of sentient thought kind of meltdown. I waved him to me and he came running, tears streaming down his face. He plopped down next to me, saying between sobs: "I'm tired! I keep falling asleep! How much longer till I can go home?"

I looked at him, and said, rubbing his back, "15 minutes. Then you can go home."

"Aw..." and he slumped sighing against me..."thanks."

It was the sighing 'thanks' that got me. Gawd, I love kids.


Christie said...

That's sweet. Poor kid. Do they give the kids nap time or are they expected to stay awake the whole time?

Elizabeth Prata said...

I am not sure, so I hesitate to answer. I think they might have rest time, but I believe the day in general is pretty packed full.