Saturday, July 05, 2008

Things I am looking forward to in New Heaven

We are going to be raptured soon. Yes I know I sound like a crazy fundamentalist. But I'm not. Crazy, that is. When we all get New Heaven...there are so many things to look forward to.

Of course number one is worshiping Jesus in person. Ceaselessly for all eternity.

But personally? I am looking forward to release from physical pain. To sitting on the grass with the lions and bears and zebras and all God's then-peaceable kingdom.

I will look up Pastor Vail and thank him for praying for me during the bad time a lot of us had (especially me) in Gray Maine. I didn't know him then and I didn't know Jesus but I was growing aware of God and later when I got saved I e-mailed him and he said GOOD NEWS, and said that he prayed for me. Wow! See? You never know which person is pulling for you even when times are dark. More on Pastor Vail here.

I am really curious as to what crop circles are. And if they are all hoaxes. Or not.

To speak with Apostle Paul and John and Charles Haddon Spurgeon and Tyndale and Martin Luther King and so many others!

To see my friends that I miss, and eagerly searching to see if my lost friends & family were saved at the last minute...I pray for their salvation every night!

To say hello to Mary Magdalene and apologize for the bad rap she received for millennia. (She was not a prostitute. "Three decades ago, the Roman Catholic Church quietly admitted what critics had been saying for centuries: Magdalene's standard image as a reformed prostitute is not supported by the text of the Bible.") And besides, Luke wrote that Mary and the other women were funding Jesus ministry out of their own means...would Jesus have accepted the $$ if the money was gotten by prostitution? (Luke 8:1-2)

No injustice. No child abuse.

And lots of other stuff too that I think of during the day but of course when it came time to write them down they escaped me.

If you are saved , either through death or rapture you go to heaven. What are you looking forward to in heaven?


Anonymous said...

I didnt think animals would be in heaven since they were born without a soul?


Elizabeth Prata said...

Isaiah 65:17, 25KJV A new heaven and a new earth

"17For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind."

"25 The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent's meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith the LORD."

Current heaven is the place where our souls go after we die, but the New Earth is where we are reunited with our glorified bodies after the Rapture, Supper, Tribulation, & Armageddon and God makes all things new. My thinking is more toward New Earth than current heaven, so I guess I should change the title of the entry, huh?!

Thanks for the nudge

Anonymous said...

good to know, thanks