Friday, July 11, 2008

Feline personals: Luke

Profile: One year old, black and white, healthy male. Comer area

I am a young, athletic, curious and intelligent kitten. I love batting a pecan shell around the hardwood floors, chasing my brother, and sleeping in the chair I am not supposed to. My goal in life is to explore the world but come home to my mother's arms every night.

Likes: used Q-tips, wet cat food, leaping on my older sister and scaring her. She hates that, LOL. I love playing with any wires; the phone wire, the computer wire, the mess of tangled up wires behind the television. Best of all I like string.

I play hard:

And I sleep hard:

Motto: "Even kittens can't save this blog now."

Luke, AKA Lukey Boy, says life is good!

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Christie said...

What a fantastic cat. Love this post and the accompanying pictures. Pets rock.