Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm just an old salt, now

I am a shower gal. I've never liked baths. I love the feel of the spray pounding my neck, the warm steam clouding up the shower stall, the HOT water splashing everywhere. I have taken a shower every day of my life that I possibly could, even while camping. Just as some are devoted to gold,

and others to their car,

I am devoted to the shower. Utterly. (Note, my shower only looks like this in my dreams).

In daily life, my joints ache, my joints swell, my legs are in pain. All the time. You get used to it. Though sometimes it gets aggravating, and I wonder vaguely and non-specifically what can be done.

Lately I have heard about the restorative qualities of Epsom Salts. Are their restorative qualities an old wives tale? New Age placebo? Or is there something to this? I determined to check it out.

Last night at 10:30 pm sharp, I filled my tub, followed the directions on the box of inexpensive Epsom Salts obtained at a local store, and soaked. Mmm, you know, this feels good. My skin softened. My joints' swelling went down. Hmmm, maybe this is an OK thing.

I patted myself dry and then went directly to bed, as instructed.

The true effects of the Epsom salts bath did not become apparent until this morning. First, let me say that I fell asleep atop the covers at 11:30 pm and I awoke one second later at 5:30 am in the same position. Talk about sleeping like a log! This is something to celebrate as one approaches 50. When I climbed out of bed, I noticed immediately there were no aching joints, no painful steps, and I could actually stand upright and not wobble! Joy!

The effects remained with me all day so far, the increased muscle flexibility, relaxed feeling, joints not swelling. I can't wait to take another Epsom salts bath later this week!

Now I am both a shower gal AND a bath gal. As long as Epsom salts are around, that is. (Note, the bath below in no way depicts any bath of mine, now or in the past. Any similarity is purely intentional dreaming)


Anonymous said...

I love reading in the tub. Havent had a tub where I live in years so I havent done much reading. ;)


maggiegracecreates said...

Wow - I never tried the epsom salts soak. I love to take a bath and I am going to pamper myself some this weekend, so this will be tried Saturday night.

Thank you again for the paper. Love the fonts.

Christie said...

Ah man, I could spend hours in the bath. I haven't been able to spend much time relaxing there since H was born but look forward to the day when he is old enough that I can lock myself in the bathroom and spend an hour in super hot water with bubbles reading a good piece of fiction.