Friday, July 25, 2008

Executive power and the Bush Administration

They are inquiring into the excesses of the executive branch at last, thank God almighty, they're asking at last.

Hearings on on C-Span 1, the House NOW-while "Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) talks to the Washington Journal about today's Judiciary Cmte. hearing on the executive power and the Bush Admin. The hearing is partly based on a single article of impeachment he brought against Pres. Bush, and on alleged misconduct and unlawful expansion of executive power."

Meanwhile, a US court has confirmed Presidential dictatorial powers:

Gitmo "justice" for American citizens?

23/07/08 "ICH" -- - A conservative-dominated U.S. Appeals Court has opened the door for President George W. Bush or a successor to throw American citizens - as well as non-citizens - into a legal black hole by designating them “enemy combatants,” even if they have engaged in no violent act and are living on U.S. soil.

The federal Appeals Court in Richmond, Virginia, ruled 5-4 on July 15 that Bush had the right, while prosecuting the “war on terror,” to hold Qatari citizen (and Peoria, Illinois, resident) Ali al-Marri indefinitely as an “enemy combatant.”

But some of the court’s more liberal judges expressed alarm, saying the legal reasoning that denied al-Marri meaningful due process not only trampled on American legal traditions but could be used to lock up U.S. citizens as well.

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