Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hitler: the opposite of freedom

Moments after the wax museum exhibit in Berlin opened, sporting a new installation of Hitler in his bunker, a man burst through security and tore the Hitler figure's head off.

I am looking at the varied way the headline writers have dealt with this story, just over the wires now. Headline writers can only use a few words, but have to evoke the scene, be accurate and grab readers. How did they do?

Man Tears Off Head of Hitler Statue at Berlin Wax Museum
Hitler Statue Decapitated at Berlin Madame Tussauds (Update1)
It's Off With His Head For Hitler!
Hitler’s head ripped off at new Berlin wax museum
Waxwork Adolf Hitler beheaded in Berlin
Hitler head pulled off at waxworks
Man beheads Hitler waxwork

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Anonymous said...

Did you know his real name was Schicklgrueber?