Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lunch talk, southern traditions, and legends

I just got back from a great lunch at a super restaurant. The Senior Sunday School class took their teacher out for his birthday: an ex-Pastor turning 84. There was 17 of us.

The Ila Restaurant is bustling and has a menu with sit-down service plus a lunch buffet. We opted for the buffet. I had salad, tomato/okra, and squash casserole, known as the three vegetable plate for $3.99. It comes with iced tea or water and a cornbread roll.

While we ate the conversation drifted from church to Tuesday's election to funny things in general. People were interested in the elections and some who worked the polls had funny stories to tell. One story involved an elderly man. As the man checked in, the poll worker said,

"Sir, you have already voted in the early voting last week."
Man: "I know. But now I want to vote in the other party."

This reminded a woman at our table of something that happened years ago, when tv and electricity were new. A woman would turn off her tv when a few people stopped in to visit. See, the woman was convinced that it cost her extra and her electric bill would go up if more than one person watched tv at a time.

Then a guy at our table was telling about his wife's persistent wart. She has tried everything, he said. One person at the table said, "Has she tried a wart talker?"

Apparently some people have a talent where they stare at the wart, mumble a few things, rub it a bit, and it falls off soon after. A woman at our table swore by this, saying the wart on her knee fell off after a wart talker did his thing. Names were exchanged.

That got everybody remembering how there used to be a lot of fire talkers, folks whose talent was to talk a burn away. I think that was what a fire talker is, honestly, I lost track. I said, "My goodness, I never heard of such things!"

Guy at the table next to me said, "Honey, you in the south, now!"


Anonymous said...

Did you see the report about obesity and how it is more prevalent down south? Have you seen it there?


Elizabeth Prata said...

I believe I read a report that Mississippi has the highest incidences of obesity. Though, when I learned that a GA delicacy 'red eye gravy' is just grease and coffee I was sort of taken aback. That southern delicacy is emblematic of the kind of food eaten here.

At the Ila Restaurant, attempting to get the healthiest thing on the menu, when the steamed veggies I ordered arrived, they were dripping in butter.