Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There is nothing else going on in the whole world...

...except the Democratic primary fight and Hillary Clinton.

I turned on the cable news stations to watch Bush's remarks in Israel, to see where the new storm in Indonesia will track, Chinese earthquake rescues, any further news on the attack on Israel by a long range rocket, and whether the severely cracked dam in the Chinese province has given way. And also to catch the financial news regarding commodity prices, housing market, and the DOW, not to mention the newly released figures showing insolvent banks. And the science news from NASA about their newly discovered supernova. To name a few.

I've had the "news" on (mute) for six hours now as I write and prepare for church lessons tonight and do dishes and finish a collage and do some research for a letter for a client ... and flipping between Fox news, CNN, CNBC and MSNBC, only CNBC has had anything of worth on all day. The other three ... well, just call them the Hillary channel.

Now I know why I never, ever, even remotely like, watch, need, or use television during the day and never, ever, even remotely flip to the "news" channels at night. Not when you have YouTube, and newspapers from around the world to click onto with my trusty laptop, and forums. The cable news guys don't even know they're dead yet. But cable news IS a dead parrot.

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