Saturday, May 10, 2008

My work table

I got into a collage mood again. I go back and forth between collage and photos. I am working on a collage series, when it's done I'll post it. Two more to go, and then the text explaining them. I live in a two-room studio apartment which is more spacious than it sounds but still, it's two rooms. So how do I work at my art when I work?

I have a fabulous fifties formica topped table I use as my everything table. I eat here, work here, and play here. It is beside a great double set of windows overlooking one of the horse pastures, looks straight at the tv, and is steps away from the kitchen (tea! coffee!) and the bathroom. I bring that up because my work place, both of them for the last 7 years had no bathroom. So I am grateful to have one!

A tour of my table as follows:
Having only one table with a large flat surface area I have to use space wisely. On the left, I have the collage art journal opened to the page I am currently working on. Underneath that is a magazine I use as a glue protector, and rip each page out after I've used it as a backing as I swipe glue on the pieces. On the upper left part of the table is the stack of magazines I use to cut pieces from. I also have some art books and a couple of drawers of bling and things but the main attraction is the magazines. The tupperware of glue and glue brush is next to it.

The laptop is currently in front of my seat. I use it to search for text, inspiration, or to answer e-mails. Under that is the self-healing cutting mat. When I am cutting and gluing I push the laptop to the right side of the table at an angle. The kitten is my body guard. See, he will leap at the jugular of any intruder who tries to get between me and him! Lol, actually he naps there all day and when I have to push the laptop forward he gets irritated I am moving him from "his" table.

On my right, because I am right handed, you see the transition from morning to afternoon with the two beverage holders. One, a coffee cup, the other is the ever-present jug of water. Once I have my two cups of coffee I switch to water. I am really trying to drink all of those 8-recommended glasses per day. There's the phone, and a pen and notebook. I listen to sermons and bible instruction pretty well constantly so the notebook is for writing scriptures or notes or inspirations/connections when they occur in my pea brain! And the x-acto is for cutting the magazines up.

Now on to finishing my second-to-last collage in this series, click on iTunes with my favorites to play in order, and open the windows wider to catch that lovely breeze. Later this afternoon I am attending a dance recital with a friend. Tonight I'll watch whatever movie is on satellite tv, with popcorn. Life is good.

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