Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fox News

Fox news, the "Fair and Balanced" news outlet, has been getting some well-deserved lumps lately. It's pretty well-known that Fox is conservative. Also it's understood that Bill O'Reilly is a blowhard. The very funny Stephen Colbert has made a successful career spoofing the Blowhard on High, in his program "The Stephen Colbert Report." That's pronounced 'Col-bear Rappor.' Last night at 11:30 I was watching Stephen and flipping to O'Reilly during commercials. Funny to watch both at the same time.

Anyway, this week we find confirmation of many things that we already knew: they are not unbiased, they are not fair, and Bill is one angry dude.

Case #1: Subliminal manipulation is alive and well, and on Fox News no less, I'm shocked! Shocked!

Case #2: Fox news intern declares her bias to John McCain. Bias evident, immediately fired, unfair (when she was just sayin' what everyone else at Fox already believes?)

Case #3: Bill as angry blowhard:

A 'copyright infringement' case was immediately lodged against YouTube but it's gone viral now and the clip is everywhere. Just Google 'O'reilly goes nuts' and you'll find it on lots of sites. I love the wonders of the Internet. O'Reilly should have remembered what Hillary should have remembered: old videos never die. Neither do old tempers.

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Christie said...

LOL. That Bill O'Reilly clip is classic. I think all t.v. folks get testy after awhile but it's fun to watch him, in particular, get a little nutty.