Friday, May 16, 2008

Compare and contrast

As the US and the world economy teeters on thin ice, the effects are not only felt but are seen. In California, foreclosures are up 327% over 2007. Where do all those people go? Tent City.

ONTARIO, Calif. -- Each day at an Ontario homeless encampment, hundreds of people line up for meals or whatever food local churches and volunteers may bring. "They're in a survival mode," said volunteer Paul Varner." During the last six months, more than 400 homeless people have pitched tents near Ontario Airport, creating a "tent city" that sprawls across vacant lots and side streets.

While Americans are giving up luxuries like homes and food and going into 'survival mode', George W. Bush unveils the hardships he has been through during his tenure saying that he had to give up email .

For the ninth straight week, gas has smashed the previous week's record prices and is now at $127 per barrel. While Americans at home suffer economic woes and soldiers abroad arrive in caskets, President Bush in solidarity with American soldiers at war,

made his own sacrifice: giving up golf.

I'm sure these guys appreciate the gesture.

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