Thursday, May 15, 2008

grocery shopping receipts

Commodity prices are much in the news but more importantly in the peoples' hearts as they try to shrug off the growing dread that appears in their stomachs as they drive to the grocery store.

I've made a vow to make do with less and the be mindful of the money I've been blessed with. I won't spend more than $20 per week for perishable groceries. I want to buy local and not drive more than 4 miles one way. I chose to designate my local grocery store, a mom and pop, as my grocery center. No more Wal-Mart, or chain stores. The guy at "The Marketplace" holds great specials each week and it is the specials that I stick to when I go.

Last week I spent $19.23. This week's receipts:
yogurt, milk (gallon on special $3.29), mushrooms, squash, tomato, green beans, mango, banana, cuke, pepper, marinade sauce, bagels (on special). Total $18.44.

I did go next door to the Dollar Store and bought SOS, cleaning wipes, and nylons. I still have tofu and eggs for protein left over from last week. And before anyone gets feeling too pitiful for me that I am not buying plump chickens and steaks, I choose not to eat red meat and seafood nowadays is just too suspect with the pollution issues and mercury issues. As Americans, I believe we eat too much and we buy too much and we waste too much. When I was traveling on the sailboat and the camper van and abroad, I learned that we need much less than the American commercials tell us we need.

$18.44, not bad!

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