Friday, April 18, 2008

A writer's guide to procrastination

The funniest commercial now on television is the one for this week's episode of South Park. A guy is holding a laptop. There's no electricity. The group panics. Other guys says, "We're out of power! Check Drudge report!"

"Oh, nooo! We don't have the internet to find out why we don't have the inernet!"

I laugh every time I hear that, because it's so true. We've become so used to having electricity that when it goes out we become unglued. I've become so used to using the computer I don't know what to do without it. Shaking my head on these thoughts last night, I went to bed.

This morning at 5am, the power went out. Sleepily I thought, "When I get up I'll check Drudge to find out why." Doh! Art imitates life.

The power came back half an hour later, so here are some productive and worthwhile things to do with that precious electricity, like watch "An Engineer's Guide to Cats."

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Anonymous said...

South Park always manages to do the job ;)