Sunday, April 20, 2008

Toonces she ain't

My landlord's cat Portia likes to get into cars when you're not looking. I found this out when she jumped into my back seat as I'd left the door open to unload groceries. I finished, shut the door and Portia was MIA until the landlord went looking for her at 11 pm. and sweeping the flashlight across my windshield saw eyes staring back, from behind the glass.

This morning the farm hand showed up to move horses from one pasture to another. She left her car window open and sure enough, big ole Portia leaped off the porch and nonchalantly moseyed up to the tire and sniffed it. I had a vantage point from my second floor window and was enjoying the show. Standing on her hind legs Portia scoped out the situation. Yup, Farm Hand does not notice so Portia hopped onto the car hood, and then leaped through the passenger window. I laughed, and snapped a couple of pictures.

Portia scooted to the driver's seat and at one point stood on her hind legs and putting her paws on the driver's wheel looked uncannily like Toonces the Driving Cat. Remember him from Saturday Night Live when SNL was good?

Anyway, soon enough, Portia heard the tell-tale crunch of gravel and knew the Farm Hand was coming back. Ever cautious kitty, she glanced out the window first, before making her move.

Getting out was not as easy as getting in, big Ole Portia discovered! A tight squeeze, a few kitty-groans, and she popped out.

Just a moment in the life of this farm.

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