Saturday, May 26, 2007

Man vs. wild imagination

I share with you my current fave shows: The Deadliest Catch, about the Bering Sea crab fishermen, and Man vs. Wild, about Bear Grylls showing how to survive in the wild if you become a stranded hiker etc. Manly shows! Full of bravado and swearing!

Bear is the quintessential man's man, having been in the British Special Services and parachuted here and there saving people and getting his men out of impossible jams. Never mind the Marines that do more before breakfast than we do all day, Bear does more before getting out of bed than we do our whole lives.

BTW, the Deadliest Catch's narrator is the Mike from Dirty Jobs. BAM! Kick it up a notch! I love the smell of testosterone in the morning.

So anyway, in last night's repeat episode of Man Vs Wild, Bear stranded himself in the European Alps and showed how to get out alive. At one point, reconstructing a 'what to do when you fall in the frozen lake' scenario unfortunately endured (fatally) in recent times by a Swiss hiker, Bear jumped in the lake. To avoid hypothermia, you have to strip off the wet clothes and do some other things, which I cannot remember anything after he stripped.

So I was googling that scene, to view it again on either video or to read about it on the chat boards. High minded reasons, you see. I typed in "Bear Grylls naked" and came to a blog entry of a show fan who complained that too many people were typing "Bear Grylls naked" on Google searches. I hate being a cliche.


christie said...

That's hilarious! I lost my ability to form rational thoughts after seeing the same clip. Once the man was naked on the snow, it was all a happy blur. :)

We love that show. Our backpacking adventures have been brutal to us - no shower for days, having to eat Top Ramen, but have yet to approach what Bear puts himself through each week on his show. I saw a teaser the other day that promises loads of new episodes to get us through the summer.

What's ultra cool, besides Bear himself, is that you can actually glean enough information to feel like you could survive. And I think it's stuff you would see/hear once and probably be able to recall in a time of crisis. Like...who knew a little pee on your tee-shirt that you then wrap around your head could have a cooling effect?

Elizabeth Prata said...

I saw that one too! Very helpful information. Like how to build a raft, how to build a fire, where to get water. I may not be in all the same dangerous places he is, but I have hiked in Big Bend National park and so many people get lost there each year, finding water would be a good thing to know.

Anonymous said...

I love Dirty Jobs and Myth Busters. Funny how you never were stuck dumb when you caught sight of me lol. Mostly people just go running and screaming into the night after catching a glimpse.

Anonymous said...

What a 'Hunk' this guy is!!!